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The Branson-Way

In one of the older previous posts (on my Home Business Lifestyle Blog of 31 July '10) I wrote that (at the Beach) I was reading Richard Bransons Book titled: 'The Branson-Way' Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group has grown to a Huge Multinational Company,
'It's definitely an Interesting book for Entrepreneurs to buy,'
Branson has uniquely grown Multi Million Dollar companies in several different Industies!

Although people that been on my BOOKS Blogspot will know that I am not such a Book Reader myself, and started the BOOKS Blogspot because of my sister was so enthousiastic about reading Books. (BTW mainly fiction book)


I Actually Begun
Reading This Book

I did begin reading Richard Bransons (fiction-like non-fiction) book because once - years ago when I was in London - I saw this Huge Record Store Virgin Records, that made a big impression, especially the fact that there was an actual radio studio in the building itself caught my attention since I never seen such a Record Store that Big and different. So this different approach made me expect that Richard Branson might have interesting things to say about Entrepreneurship. Especially since years ago I worked in the Music Business myself, I was very curious about this book, althoug nowaday's Richard Branson also operates in a lot of other Industries, like for example Transport. (both Train, Air & Space!)

Space Travel

(Yes even Space with Virgin Galactic he even operates in Space Travel infact Space Travel is a new developing industry that sometime ago I
wrote about on my Travel Blog.)

Talking about 'Space'..., besides my recent post I also had an other previous post with a Satellite Interview with Richard Branson that also peaked my curiosity for reading The Branson-Way.

BTW when you missed this post, you can listen
to this Interview your self via the link here below:

Richard Branson Satellite Interview

Operating On a Billion Dollar Level

Although the book has loads of very interesting background stories I sometimes found it a little overwhelming and had a little difficulty to keep track of what he was talking about, I guess that although I do have several different Blogs I am not somebody that operatates in several different Industries at the same time and operating at a Billion Dollar-level!. The parts about Virgin Records was easier for me to understand since it's an Industry that I already know something about and already have lots of background info about to be able to understand it more easily.

So I begun to read this book because I thought that Branson would have interesting things to say about Entrepreneurship, and he definitely has a lot of interesting insights to say about people, brand, delivering, learning from mistakes, innovation.

'So I did begin reading this book
to be able to already tell you somethings
about it that might wet your appetite...,'

Only I haven't yet read the last two chapters like for example chapter 6 that's actually about Enterepreneurship & Leadership
The last chapter about Social Responsibility. is also something that you can hear him talk about in Richard Branson Satellite Interview

Practical Application

Currently I am still contemplating on possible practical applications for my online business....., Possibly the last chapters might give me some interesting new insights specifically about Entrepreneurship that might be usefull for practical application and after that I probably read and contemplate specific chapters, will let them sink in a little and might read them again especially at those times when I operate on a Billion Dollar level :)


Interesting detail in the book was that - as far as I understand - his name 'Branson' might be related to occupation of (Cattle) 'Branding'
And the Virgin Group definitely has done a great job
in 'Branding' whole Industries!

You can find 'The Branson-Way' here below
allong with also a few other books he wrote.

Go Ahead feel free to leave a COMMENT and share YOUR experiences with one (or more) of those books, or share some other great interesting books about Entrepreneurship you think readers of this Blog should know about.

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