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The Internet START-UP BIBLE definitely not only about Design.

Yesterday I listened to an interview from Yaro Starak with Internet Entrepreneur Pat-Flynn. Pat discovered how his study notes he had put online where visited by others through the search engines and that way discovered that there was a demand for his study notes and expert knowledge.
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Little Helicopter View Review

This gave me the idea to put up The Internet Start-up Bible: So You Want to Be a Dot.Com Millionaire?on this Blog. (actually I checked today and currently it wasn't in stock right now, but I will show you my 'Study Results' anyway) I can write you a little 'Helicopter View Review' about some of the things that I read in this book and can directly tell you about how I used it on my sites.

(I just came up with this idea yesterday so I
just will brouwse This Bookand look what I
can find for you that could be interesting
to know.)

In the first chapter they talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
They list a whole bunch of interesting things and also talk about
how some entrepreneurs are Visionary. (BTW you can be yourself when you have a look at my tiny little VISION eBook :))

Besides all that they cover lots of other interesting areas like Marketing, Design, Technology, Launch, Research and Planning and lot's of other important things.

One Of The Highlights

To give you some interesting Highlights I will have a look at some of the things that I underlined in this Internet Start-up Biblewhile reading. I discovered that I only underlined some of the things about Design. They talk about MIA Most Important Action, and NMIA Next Most Important Action, and those are useful since it made me realise about the importance of creating a good Visitor Experience. And that it has to be clear to the Visitor what they
can expect on my Blog(s)

So my 'MIA' is 'Buy my tinly little eBook',

'BTW did I mention the tiny little The VISION eBook ?'

and the 'NMIA' is 'Bookmark & Enjoy Reading my Posts'.

(it goes without saying that eventually I won't
mind you buy some of the topic related
products you can discover on the blogs)

So I mainly picked up some parts about Design
and there are a lot of other interesting topics
in This Interesting Book for Wanna Be a Dot.Com Millionaires

I checked today that the book currently isn't in stock
so if you want to know more about how to START-UP your
own Online Business you are welcome to visit
hpshappyhomebusiness.blogspot.com where you can read all about how to create your own Happy HOME BUSINESS.or Visit Amazonanyway for looking at the Huge amount of Books (and other products) they have.

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