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This Book Is Definitely A Recommendation,
It Offers You An Exciting Practical Way of Thinking
About Time Management.

Hello Productive Entrepreneur,

You can read about this Special Book that learns you things
about among other things,
* The Art of Working
Pleasant & Efficiently,

In a way that you can see yourself becoming
efficient, productive and excited about
achieving your goals.

Making you feel all excited about the
results you might not even knew
possibly to achieve! Like for
example also Big Writing Projects,
like you can read about in

This Post


* Beneficial Key Principles,

* And the Practical side of
Stress free Productivity

In short; when you want to be
both Stress-free & Productive
and use your time Efficiently,

Using Time

´Don´t you just Hate it
when sometimes Time seems to be slipping
through your Vingers!´

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to
Manage time in a good way without
getting all Stressed about things.

As you can read in

How To Write
Book Reviews for Your Blog
In a Relaxed Way
I did mangage
to combine Stress-free with
being Productive.

You can read about a special way you can
use your time efficiently because,
Going to the Beach can offer a great opportunity
to read books to review.

Blogging About Books
Books for you that I can put on my Blog,

So some time ago when it was hot and sunny weather,
I went to the beach for swimming, cooling down
and also for actually reading a book,

Seen it Everywhere
Around Me:

On the Book Jacket at the back
I read about the author being an expert
on productivity
, and has articles published
in for example Fortune, and the
Los Angeles Times
and many others...,

A book that I bought after seeing it
on loads of other Blogs so many times that it
made me curious about it.

So curious that I read it, and
writing an actual

Book Review about it.
To be able to tell you all
about it,

(in my case telling you about the
Dutch language version of)
the Book here below:


That (in the English version)
has the title:

Getting Things Done: The Art of

Stress-Free Productivity

From author David Allen.

Help for Living In
a Fast Paced World:

As you can read about on the

About Page
I am familiar with a
very fast paced Business,
the Music Business.

Because of that with having things like
'Rush Releases' and things like that,
I already am pretty familiar with working
in a stress full environment with a need
for figuring out how to

----->>>> Work Efficiently

and to be honest I didn't expect to much
from it, and didn't expect it to really
bring something new to the table that
I didn't already read about.

At first I thought it would be just
an other simple 'Self help Planning Book'
that would tell about some practical
planning and how to set Smart goals
and things like that.


However I am glad that I finally did
read Getting Things Done: The Art of

Stress-Free Productivity

overcome my initial resistance, and
actually took the time to read it,
to be able to actually be able
to tell you about it myself.

Because this book indeed shows you
some great easy tools that can help you
to organise both your Business- &

A Brilliant Other Way
of Thinking:

It really is a Brilliant Book,
because, it shows you an other way
of thinking,

Helping you to 'Get into the Zone',
helping you to clear your head and Organise
your ideas, so that you can be

Stress-Free and


(Btw. a way of thinking that also
seems to be somewhat in alignment with some
of the things that read about in a review
about a book from writer Ray Bradbury
titled: 'Zen and the Art of Writing'
that you can read about on
the Writing Blog)

Pleasant Surprise:

An other great thing is that it also offers
you a great solution for your seemingly
'Less Realistic' or Long Term ideas.
By also making a list of such ideas,
making it possible to also be able
to develop such ideas by occasionally
work on such possible
future plans.

So I defenitely can recommend This Book
to people that like to discover a new way
of thinking about both their Business- &

You Can Click Here when you want to

---->>>> Read More
Customer Reviews On Amazon

Your Thoughts:

Do You Know

Getting Things Done: The Art of

Stress-Free Productivity?
or do you know about
other interesting Books that are
related to Stress-Free Productivity?

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own Book Recommendations by
Writing your Comments & Replies'.

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